Peter Lehmann

Peter Lehmann

About Peter Lehmann

Situated in the famous Barossa Valley, the Peter Lehmann winery is a testament to a legacy of quality and commitment. With a history dating back more than four decades, this winery embodies the ethos of dedication, strength, and, above all, respect for the creative craft of winemaking.

Founded by Peter Lehmann in the late 1970s, he strived to ensure that local growers' grapes were put to good use, thus preserving the longevity and prosperity of the Barossa viticultural community. Today, the team at Peter Lehmann maintains their unwavering commitment to that original vision. These artisanal wine growers employ both traditional and progressive techniques, the perfect blend of old and new.

Known for its internationally acclaimed portfolio, Peter Lehmann winery boasts a wide range of stellar wines. From rich, full-bodied reds and crisp, refreshing whites to the unique specialty dessert wines. Indeed, this assortment of award-winning wines offers something to please every palate.

What truly sets Peter Lehmann winery apart, however, is the vibrant tasting room. Here, guests are invited to sample the wines while basking in the cosy, rustic charm of the environment. A fusion of modern style and traditional elegance, it is a genuine haven for wine enthusiasts.

On your visit, do ensure you meander through the spectacular sites of the vineyard, taking in the vast expanse of beautifully manicured vines. This enchanting sight is as much a part of the Peter Lehmann experience as the wine itself,

Experience the rich history, the exquisite tastes, and the unrivalled artistry at the Peter Lehmann winery. As a quintessential destination for any oenophile or casual wine lover, it’s a Barossa Valley gem worth savoring.

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