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Philip Shaw

About Philip Shaw

Philip Shaw winery, nestled in the heart of Orange region in New South Wales, Australia, is an exceptional vineyard that epitomises the art of winemaking. A top-shelf winery graced by the craftmanship of Philip Shaw himself, its unique handle on wine production has secured its position as a revered destination for wine lovers.

The location of the winery is an essential component of its distinction. It is settled at an altitude of 900 metres on the volcanic slopes of Mount Canobolas. The combination of the cool climate and rich, fertile soil allows for superior grape development, resulting in wines with unparalleled depth and complexity.

Philip Shaw, after decades in the industry has accumulated a profound understanding of the grape, making his winery an epitome of excellence. He skins and cold soaks his grapes for an extended period, a traditional approach that produces wines renowned for their elegant structure and vibrant fruit character. Additionally, the winery stays adhered to a minimalist intervention philosophy, allowing the natural prowess of the land to shine through.

Keeping guests at the heart of its operations, the Philip Shaw winery hosts wine tastings, winery tours and special events. It also houses a charming cellar door, a restaurant with an innovative, seasonal menu and a vibrant art gallery, adding to the rich experience offered by its portal.

Despite the winery's undoubted success, Philip Shaw is known for constantly driving towards greater achievements. He is immensely dedicated to perfecting the art of winemaking, always seeking the elusive wine that epitomises his philosophy and passion! He is testament to the fact that mastery in any craft, is a journey and not a destination.

From cultivating exceptional vineyards to thoughtfully curating their wines. Philip Shaw winery, indeed stands as a beacon of excellence in the wine world. A visit to their stunning premises promises a lingering fragrance in your memory, a taste that compels you to return; experience it for yourself!

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