Piattelli Vineyards

Piattelli Vineyards

About Piattelli Vineyards

Situated in the majestic foothills of the Andes, Piattelli Vineyards is a symbol of perfect harmony between man and nature. A testament to the age-old art of vine cultivation, it infuses love and passion into every bottle of wine it painstakingly produces.

The vineyard boasts an impressive array of over 477 acres of sublimely cultivated vineyards. Nestled amidst Argentina's renowned wine regions - Mendoza and Cafayate, the vineyard's location is a significant contributor to its superb quality of wines. The beautifully undulating terroir, blessed with unique microclimates, and the vineyard's high-altitude vine cultivation, yield refreshingly distinctive and robustly flavoured wines.

A visit to Piattelli Vineyards is reminiscent of a journey back in time, capturing the aura of traditional winemaking whilst coexisting harmoniously with modern viticultural practices. The rural charm of the vineyard, coupled with its state-of-the-art winery and cellar, nestled delightfully among the roiling vines, creates a magical setting.

However, what accentuates its allure further is the commitment to sustainable and organic farming practices. Piattelli Vineyards’ endeavour to respect and nurture Mother Nature is reflected in its ecological initiatives, such as water conservation efforts, use of organic fertilisers, and refraining from harmful pesticide use.

At the heart of Piattelli Vineyards' vision is the production of premium wines, graced with the sort of flavour purity that only comes from using the highest quality grapes. The vineyard boasts a truly tantalising repertoire, from its award-winning Malbec, displaying the quintessential Argentine flavour profile, to its exquisite Torrontés, showcasing the characteristic freshness of the Cafayate region.

The dedication to crafting superior wines whilst preserving nature’s sanctity is nothing short of inspirational, Piattelli Vineyards encapsulates the perfect blend of artistry, passion and ecological responsibility – a treasure trove for wine aficionados and nature lovers alike?

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