About Pikes

Pikes winery is a prestigious family-owned wine estate nestled in the heart of South Australia’s stunning Clare Valley. Renowned for its exceptional portfolio of wines that enkindle the true essence of the region, Pikes has developed an undeniable reputation of excellence.

The vineyard was established in 1984 by the Pike brothers, Neil and Andrew. The duo meticulously crafted a beautiful winery, driven by their passion for vinticulture and a vision to honour the established winemaking traditions of their ancestry. They now proudly produce some of the most sought-after drops in Australia, capturing the unique flavours and characteristics of their replica Riesling and resplendent Shiraz.

At Pikes, the approach to winemaking is traditional yet innovative: grapes are handpicked and wines are carefully crafted in small batches to retain their freshness and elegance. The use of modern technology melded with time-honoured methods ensures that each bottle elicits the distinct personality of the varietal and terroir.

Besides its captivating wines, Pikes winery boasts an impeccable location. Its verdant vineyards and rolling hills create a spectacular backdrop, enhancing the visitor's experience. Additionally, the cellar door offers an enticing array of tastings, accompanied by locally sourced gourmet meals at their on-site restaurant, Slate.

Pikes also hosts a number of events throughout the year, including wine tastings, food and wine pairings, and vineyard tours. These prove to be quite captivating, drawing wine enthusiasts from the world over, eager to soak in the captivating ambiance and savour the delectable wines.

Visitors not only rave about Pikes' high-quality wines, but also the warm and friendly atmosphere. The hospitable and knowledgeable staff provide informative critiques of the wines and are always happy to share the fascinating history of the winery.

In conclusion, Pikes Winery's remarkable collection of wines, picturesque locale, and spirited traditions make it a must-visit destination for any wine lover. Indeed, a sojourn to Pikes offers a delightful enjoyment of the very best in Australian wine making?

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