Poggio al Tesoro

Poggio al Tesoro

About Poggio al Tesoro

Nestled in the heart of the decedent Tuscan wine region resides the renowned Poggio al Tesoro winery. Exuding understated elegance, this family-run establishment, owned by the reputable Allegrini family, is idyllically set among meticulously cultivated vineyards, stretching as far as the eye can see.

Impeccably located in the celebrated winemaking region of Bolgheri, Poggio al Tesoro has garnered admiration due to its strategic position. The vineyards, which sprawl across the verdant Italian landscape, bask in the optimum levels of sunlight, enabling the superior growth and development of the vine. Ensuring a rich, full-bodied and aromatic yield with every harvest.

Launched in 2001 as a result of a fruitful partnership between the Allegrini dynasty and American importers, the Marilisa Allegrini Wine Company, Poggio al Tesoro is a manifestation of their vision for excellence, matched only by their unwavering commitment to maintaining the authentic integrity of Italian wines.

Poggio al Tesoro is best known for their exceptional craftmanship in developing unique blends of traditional Italian and Bordeaux varieties. These remarkable, well-balanced and sophisticated wines are aged impeccably on the winery’s premises, which also boasts an architecturally-impressive cellar.

Pursuing an attentive and sustainable approach, the winery takes considerable care in preserving the natural surroundings whilst managing their vineyards, thereby cultivating not just delicious wines, but also a deep respect and commitment to the environment. Despite this meticulous attention to detail, the winery still maintains an inviting and congenial atmosphere welcoming wine lovers from around the globe to come and savour the complex yet harmonious tastes of their wines.

In essence, Poggio al Tesoro embodies the vibrant essence of Italian winemaking tradition: a harmonious marriage of exemplary quality, rich heritage and unparalleled passion. Be warned though, once you’ve tasted a bottle poetically crafted by Poggio al Tesoro, nothing else will ever compare.

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