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Prats & Symington

About Prats & Symington

Prats & Symington is a distinctive winery nestled in the verdant valleys of Douro, Portugal. The partnership is a convergence of the Symington Family, renowned British-Portuguese winemakers with generations of vinting tradition behind them, and Bruno Prats, who made his name in the Bordeaux region of France. The estate has carved out an exceptional reputation for producing premium quality wines since 1998 and has become a standout in the Douro Valley.

The vineyards at Prats & Symington are a picture of pastoral serenity hugging the contours of the terraced hills, neatly arranged vines grow in the schistous soils, whilst the scenery is punctuated by a crystalline river. The area is primarily known for its port; however, this joint venture mainly focuses on making top-quality red wines.

The vineyards prioritise the use of traditional Portuguese grape varieties, such as Touriga Nacional and Tinta Roriz which express the unique terroir of the region, Within the winery, a blend of traditional winemaking techniques and innovative practices, passed down through the years, have cultivated a distinctive style, characterising their wines with a rich, concentrated flavour profile.

Prats & Symington produce several award-winning wines, including its signature Chryseia – a complex and flavourful red that showcases the best of Douro’s native grapes. Their winemaking philosophy revolves around “terroir viticulture” and “minimal intervention,” allowing the natural, unique characteristics of the grapes to shine through in every bottle.

If you ever have the privilege of visiting Prats & Symington, expect warm hospitality steeped in time-honoured tradition; and breathtaking views that are just as intoxicating as the wines themselves. Paying homage to old-world traditions whilst embracing modern innovation ensures that Prats & Symington will continue to deliver unrivalled wines that bear the distinct mark of the Douro Valley. From vine to glass and, these wines are a true testament to the rich tapestry of winemaking.

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