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San Marzano

About San Marzano

Situated in the heart of Italy’s prestigious and picturesque winemaking region, the San Marzano winery offers a wonderful blend of tradition, quality and innovation. This exquisite vineyard, entrenched in the beautiful landscape of Puglia, is renowned worldwide for its superior wines and elevated production methods.

Having a rich history dating back to 1962, the San Marzano winery is renowned and loved for its commitment to preserving the authenticity and excellence of Italy's beloved grape varieties. More than just a vineyard, it's a beating heart in the world of Italian winemaking, and a vibrant hub of innovation and creativity.

The divine fusion of old and new makes this winery a national treasure. Classic techniques passed down through the generations are coupled with pioneering technology to bring out the very best in every grape. Each wine is carefully crafted, encapsulating the soul of its land, and delivering a delightful, distinctive character to discerning wine enthusiasts the world over.

The crowning glory of San Marzano lies in its illustrious range of wines, representing the richness and diversity of Italian viticulture. The winery is particularly celebrated for its outstanding production of the iconic Italian grape, the renowned San Marzano tomato. However, such an esteemed reputation comes not only from the superb grapes grown in the vineyard, but also from the expert hands and discerning palates of a dedicated, passionate team

Despite being steeped in tradition, San Marzano winery is not afraid to push the boundaries of winemaking. This forward-thinking approach guarantees that every bottle that leaves the winery is a testament to the remarkable terroir of Puglia, the superb grapes it nurtures, and the expert hands that craft them into truly exceptional wines.

Whether you're sipping a cool glass of their iconic red, immersing yourself in rich, complex flavours, or simply marvelling at the stunning landscapes that envelope this winemaking wonderland, there's no doubt that, San Marzano winery is a jewel in Italy's viticultural crown. So come and savour the taste of Italy with San Marzano; where every sip is a celebration of land, fruit and passion.

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