Sanford Winery

Sanford Winery

About Sanford Winery

Established in 1971, Sanford Winery is a distinguishing gem in the Santa Barbara County. This esteemed vineyard is treasured for its exceptional viticulture that skillfully birthed the Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine production in Santa Barbara.

Nestled in the verdant heart of the Sta. Rita Hills, the winery benefits from the region's unique maritime influence, nutrient-rich soil, and distinctive climatic conditions which are ideal for these specific grape varietals. This lush sanctuary, with its progressive and environmentally conscious farming techniques, ensures the growth of top-tier produce for its world-renowned wines.

The Sanford Winery team liaises with nature through dedicated care and precision, reflecting their commitment to producing wines of unparalleled character and flavour. This harmonious marriage of earth and innovation remains the driving force behind the winery's continuous success on the world stage.

Visitors to Sanford Winery are graciously met with amiable staff who led them through an immersive tasting experience. Their elegant tasting room, wooden barrel-stacked cellar, and the scenic vineyard vistas serve as a splendid backdrop while savouring the richly nuanced wines.

In terms of winemaking, they strive to showcase the vineyard’s individuality while preserving the integrity of the fruit. Employing soft-handed winemaking techniques, this elite winery contributes to the Santa Barbara County’s reputation as a leading wine region,

The winery also believes in sustainability and environmental consciousness, resulting in an ecologically balanced vineyard that benefits the local eco-system. Having been certified by the Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing alliance, Sanford Winery continues to advance its winemaking ethics, staying true to its founding vision of quality wine production and environmental harmony.

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply have a fondness for the occasional glass, there’s no doubt that Sanford Winery’s offerings will leave a lasting impression with it's rich complexity and invigorating flavours.

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