About Segal

Segal Winery is a renowned entity in the wine industry, nestled within the lush vineyards of Israel. Founded in the early 20th Century, this incredible winery amalgamates a time-honoured tradition with cutting-edge winemaking techniques.

The story of Segal Winery winds back to 1925, initially established by the Segal family who were of Russian descent. Their deep-rooted passion for winemaking, backed by their cognisance of the industry, soon placed Segal Winery on the wine lover's map. They shifted the norms of winemaking, establishing a legacy that thrives till date; passed down through generations.

Stepping into the estate offers a panoramic view of expansive grape vineyards; it is here that Segal’s world-class wine begins its journey. They nurture a diversified range of grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot. This variety lets Segal craft wines with a plethora of tantalising flavour profiles.

The key to Segal Winery’s excellence lies in their production process. Implementing a subtle fusion of advanced technology and time-tested practices, they produce wines with a unique identity. Most of these wines are aged in French and American oak barrels, amplifying their flavours and depth.

Segal’s prides itself on its dedication to quality rather than quantity. Perhaps, the testament to their commitment is the numerous awards they have received globally. The most lauded amongst their offerings are the Single Vineyard wines each expressing the unique character of the region from which it originates,

In 2001 the winery welcomed a new chapter when it was bought by the Barkan Wine Cellar Group. Since then, they have augmented the winery's potential, preserving its heritage while elevizing it just a tad further.

When you open a bottle of Segal wine, you are not merely uncorking a beverage, but a tasteful narrative of winemaking excellence. Having a Segal wine is akin to an olfactory tour through their aromatic vineyards and the invigorating Israeli climate. So why not savour a toast to tradition and innovation with Segal winery's fabulous selection?

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