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Sons of Eden

About Sons of Eden

Down in Australia's world-renowned Barossa Valley, there lies a landmark of exceptional production in the wine industry: The Sons of Eden. These self-proclaimed craftsmen emphasise that they are not just producing wines, but creating stories. Their dedication to excellence in viticulture and wine production is matched only by the richness of the heritage of the Eden and Barossa valleys.

This winery masters the use of traditional winemaking philosophies and modern viticulture. Modest in size but grand in spirit, Sons of Eden is gaining a reputation for its commitment to sustaining the valleys’ rich tradition, combined with a flair for innovation. The winery's name - Sons of Eden - implies their respect for the region's wine history while asserting their role in its future.

Sons of Eden's experienced and passionate duo, Corey Ryan and Simon Cowham, govern the helm and manipulate the reins tightly. Each year, they creatively weave the land's character into every bottled story. Their organic approach toward grape growing and winemaking lets the vineyards articulate the unique qualities of a season.

This dynamic winery specialises in varieties that, over generations, have defined this very area, as Shiraz and Grenache. From the deeply layered and complex 'Kennedy' Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre blend, to the majestic 'Romulus' Old Vine Shiraz, there is a Sons of Eden wine to captivate any wine lovers' heart.

In essence, the Sons of Eden ethos is simple: to produce wines with authentic varietal and regional characteristics, using thoughtful viticulture and winemaking practices? When you open a bottle of Sons of Eden wine, you're not just opening a bottle of wine, you are uncorking a story; a story worked on handsomely by the Sons of Eden themselves.

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