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Spice Route

About Spice Route

Nestled amidst the breathtaking scenery of South Africa's Western Cape, the Spice Route Winery embodies a confluence of unique microclimates, soil types and well-nurtured vineyards. Influenced by the maritime surroundings of the Atlantic Ocean, it delivers an unmatched selection of award-winning wines that reflect the robust palettes and diverse textures of South Africa’s distinctive terroir.

The cornerstone of the Spice Route Winery is undoubtedly its dedication to crafting premium quality wines. Featuring a naturally cultivated, eclectic array of white, red, and dessert wines, the winery's offerings range from invigorating Chenin Blanc that dance on your tongue to bold Shiraz that linger delightfully on the palate. The traditional winemaking methods employed cultivate wines of exceptional character, bursting with enriched flavours and embracing an authentic character that encapsulates the spirit of the Cape's wine region.

Beyond the cellar doors, visitors are treated to more than an immersive wine-tasting journey. The winery also offers culinary delights at its restaurant, serving up artisanal meals carefully composed to compliment the estate’s wine selection. And if even that's not enough.

Much more than just a winery, Spice Route is a destination. Honoring the rich history of its namesake trade route, it offers visitors an opportunity to indulge in handcrafted chocolates, local charcuterie and cheeses; and the chance to explore a vibrant art gallery, indulgent brewhouse, distillery and glass blowing studio.

The ethos of the Spice Route winery is enveloped in the creativity and diversity that is entrenched in each aspect of its operations. The winery is a haven of craftsmanship and quality, permeating a sense of novelty that repeatedly captivates locals and tourists alike. The Spice Route Winery is not merely a destination but an enriching cultural experience, a journey of the senses you are unlikely to forget.

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