About Tahbilk

Established in the picturesque landscape of Victoria, Australia in 1860, Tahbilk Winery is amongst Australia's most beautiful and historical vineyards. Possessing over 160 years of winemaking experience, this winery embodies a rich heritage that is elegantly reflected in its award-winning assortment of wines. Tahbilk Winery is truly a destination for any discerning wine enthusiast.

Nestled by the Goulburn River, the winery is conveniently located just a two-hour drive from Melbourne's bustling city centre, The sprawling property spans across 1214 hectares, with 200 hectares exclusively devoted to growing a diverse array of grape varieties.

One of Tahbilk winery's noteworthy accolades is the possession of some of the world's oldest Marsanne vines. Not only does this testament to the winery’s commendable viticultural credentials but the delightful white wine produced from these vines is simply exceptional. The winery's commitment to sustainable practices is also embodied by its astoundingly preserved 10 hectares of land, recognised as 'scar trees’ by the traditional custodians, the Daung wurrung language group.

The wine selection at Tahbik is as varied as it is delectable. Spectacular varietals include Marsanne, Shiraz and the distinctive Viognier. Each bottle is crafted with an unrivalled passion for quality, something that is palpable with each sip one indulges in.

Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the winery's exclusive offerings by participating in wine tastings, complemented with comprehensive wine education sessions, Casual yet sumptuous dining experiences are also available. Accompanied by enchanting views overlooking the stunning wetlands and historic cellars; the Tahbilk café certainly delivers a refined culinary delight for any palate.

So whether you're a dedicated oenophile or simply a lover of great views and delicious wine, a visit to Tahbilk Winery will undeniably leave you with rewardingly rich memories. A day in this seeming paradise, is without doubt a day well spent. It is however, more than a day out it’s a truly authentic journey into Australia's wine history.

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