Te Mata Estate

Te Mata Estate

About Te Mata Estate

Te Mata Estate is unequivocally one of the most iconic vineyards in New Zealand. With a storied history dating back to 1896, this grand old vineyard commands a majestic presence in Hawke’s Bay, within the heart of New Zealand's prime wine-growing region.

The winery is nestled amidst verdant rolling hills. These serene surroundings give way to the perfect terroir for cultivating the choicest of grape varieties. The Estate's splendid vineyards extend over more than 250 hectares of highly prized land, offering a stunning vista that encapsulates the sheer romance of wine cultivation.

Te Mata Estate produces high-quality wines that are celebrated across the globe. Each wine showcases the unique character of the vineyard's home-grown grapes, producing distinctive tastes that continue to enchant wine connoisseurs. The Estate's famed red wines are characterised by their depth and complexity, with their Trail Blanc and Bullnose Syrah labels being particularly noteworthy.

The winery also runs charming wine tours. These present a fabulous opportunity to explore the extensive vineyard, the historic cellars and learn about the intricate process of winemaking all whilst savoring their sumptuous wines. Inside the winery, patrons are greeted by a mix of traditional and modern winemaking equipment, symbolising the vineyard’s adoration for the time-honoured art of wine production combined with their commitment to adopting the latest techniques to fuelling innovation.

Over the years, Te Mata Estate has not only thrived but has matured gracefully, retaining a sense of tradition and charm, setting it apart from its contemporaries. So if you are a wine lover with a penchant for quality, Te Mata Estate makes for a fascinating visit. Don't miss this chance to experience a slice of New Zealand’s wine history and taste some of the stellar wines, that this venerable winery has to offer.

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