Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez

About Telmo Rodriguez

Telmo Rodriguez is an iconic Spanish winery celebrated for its unique blends and distinguished legacy. Located in the heart of northern Spain, in the prestigious Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions; the winery is renowned worldwide for its robust and diverse selection of wines.

Founded in 1994 by the esteemed winemaking icon, Telmo Rodriguez, the winery has grown significantly over the years, catapulting itself into the limelight as one of Spain's premier wine producers. Though Rodriguez himself was born into a family with deep winemaking roots, he defied tradition and ventured on his own, establishing a winery where innovation and tradition coalesce. The result? An unparalleled mix of top-tier wines comprising both native and international grape varieties.

The winery embodies a unique philosophy of returning to the roots. Rodriguez's commitment to reviving near-extinct Spanish grape varieties is commendable. His firm belief lies in projecting the inherent flavours of these indigenous grapes, produced from traditional dry-farmed vineyards.

Beyond winemaking, Telmo Rodriguez also advocates for ecological responsibility. The winery is steadfast in its environmental commitment, employing only organic and biodynamic farming principles. These practices not only safeguard the ecosystem but also ensure the inherent quality and taste of each wine.

With a myriad of complexities and bold flavours to relish, each wine from Rodriguez's repertoire is a testament to his masterful craft. From fruit-forward white wines to luxuriant reds, the portfolio is as diverse as it is delectable.

However, it's the personal touch that sets Telmo Rodriguez apart. The passion of Rodriguez, his love for his roots, and his relentless pursuit of excellence can be tasted in every sip of his stellar wines.

In summary, Telmo Rodriguez winery is a beacon of tradition and innovation within the Spanish wine industry, indeed, a must-visit for any wine enthusiast. It's vibrant vignettes and compelling wines are an exploration of Spain’s uncharted wine territories.

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