Ten Minutes by Tractor

Ten Minutes by Tractor

About Ten Minutes by Tractor

Tucked away in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, is a captivating and unique winery known as Ten Minutes by Tractor. The winery extends over three sites, each boasting a profoundly different microclimate and soil profile contributing to a complex, diverse selection of impeccable wines.

What sets Ten Minutes by Tractor apart is not just their scrupulous attention to detail, but even more characteristically, the story behind their name; it speaks to the original estate's three vineyards, all merely ten tractor minutes away from one another.

The estate is known for its impressive array of wines, the hallmark among them being their estate and single vineyard pinot noirs and chardonnays. These wines are renowned among connoisseurs for their fabulous depth, complexity and true expressive nature of the terroir. The Mornington Peninsula is known for its cool maritime climate, making it ideal for producing these elegant, structured wines,

Beyond just creating wines, Ten Minutes by Tractor is equally committed to immersing visitors into the world of viniculture. Their cellar door is an inviting space, designed to facilitate conversations around the intricate process of winemaking. Here, you can sample and appreciate a meticulously curated selection of wines while absorbing the breath-taking vineyard views.

Complementing their vinous offerings is their on-site restaurant, helmed by an award-winning culinary team. Here, the sensory experience extends beyond the glass to embrace exquisite menus, created with local produce, that are perfectly constructed to complement the beautiful wines.

Though a visit in person to the Ten Minutes by Tractor winery is an experience in itself, their sustainable practices and commitment to the environment only accentuate their exemplary offerings. An experience where the beauty of the land, the warmth of the people, and the exceptional flavours of the wine come together to create an unparalleled visit to Mornington Peninsula's very own wine country. Moreover the preservation of the unique beauty and biodiversity of their vineyard environments is always at the forefront of their decisions.

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