About Teusner

Located in the heart of Barossa Valley, Australia, Teusner Winery captures the essence of the region's rich terroir with utmost elegance. Established in 2001, this winery is a testament to the seamless blend of traditional and contemporary wine-making approaches.

Formed by the passionate duo of Kym Teusner and Michael Page, Teusner winery embarked on a mission to craft premium quality wines that reflect the quintessential Barossa personality. This journey was initiated when they seized an opportunity to save old gnarled vines, which were about to be uprooted due to lack of commercial viability. Embracing the risk, they nursed these ancient vines back to productivity and have since been producing wines of profound quality and character.

Teusner's range of wines are handcrafted with rigorous attention to detail and a commitment to minimal intervention. Undeniably, their dedication has transformed them into a celebrated name in the Australian wine landscape. Specialising in Shiraz and Grenache blends, the winery's rich portfolio also includes elegant Rieslings and Mataro.

The ethos of the Teusner vineyard is simple, but deeply ingrained: respect for the land, honour for the old vines and a steadfast belief in the value of hard work. Each bottle of Teusner wine embodies this philosophy and proudly signifies the distinctive taste and character of the Barossa Valley, Consequently, Teusner wines are remarkable for their depth, complexity and the warmth that so beautifully exemplifies the terroir of their origin.

Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur of wines or simply a lover of well-crafted stories in bottles, Teusner winery is certain to captivate your senses. Their unwavering focus on quality, integrated with the charisma of the region, ensures every sip is an experience worth cherishing. Pay them a visit to immerse yourself in their story and sample the finest wines that Barossa Valley has to offer. Conversely, you may prefer to relish their delicacies from the comfort of your own home; their wines are widely available across the world.

Indeed, the legacy of Teusner Winery is a testament to their love for the Barossa Valley, the bounty of its soil. their relentless pursuit of winemaking excellence, and the grace of the old gnarled vines that started it all.

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