About Trimbach

Nestled amidst the charming Alsatian vineyards in France, Trimbach winery is a globally acclaimed establishment renowned for its exceptional viticulture heritage. Sprouting from a rich lineage that traces back to 1626, this family-owned winery is currently helmed by the 12th and 13th generation Trimbach family.

Synonymous with unrivalled quality and finesse, Trimbach is best known for their stellar range of superior, artisanal wines. They have mastered the art of producing spectacular Rieslings and Gewurztraminers, notably the iconic Cuvée Frédéric Emile and Gewurztraminer Vendanges Tardives: wines of unrivaled personality that are nurtured to age gracefully. Extraordinarily, the winery is also revered for consistently delivering dry, structured wines peculiar to Alsace, thereby staking its claim on a distinctive niche in the industry.

Nurturing their grapes amidst the mineral-rich Alsace terroir and practising stringent selection procedures to maintain high-quality standards, Trimbach not only respects tradition but also embraces modern innovations. Their cellars are a harmonious blend of the conventional and contemporary. A meticulous fermentation process of controlled temperatures and long ageing in large old oak tuns; preserving the authentic essence of their wines.

There's a pervading penchant for precision and purity, and the resulting wines never fail to impress with their elegance, balance and charm. The exceptional savoir-faire of the Trimbach family is embodied through their unwavering focus on minimal intervention, letting the grapes and unique terroir shine in every bottle.

Undeniably, Trimbach winery is the epitome of Alsace's long-standing wine-making culture. A visit here is a sought after affair that allows you to delve into a living chronicle of 13 generations and almost four centuries' worth of wine-making wisdom. Be it for a seasoned connoisseur or novice enthusiast; the Trimbach experience is an expedition into the heart of Alsatian wine tradition. It's a romance between vine and vat, nurtured by a family's passion and commitment – a tale echoing in each glass raised in toast.

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