Trinity Hill

Trinity Hill

About Trinity Hill

Located in the exhilarating vineyard landscape of Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, the Trinity Hill Winery is a charming statement of sophistication and class. Brimming with a rich history that ties it to an inexplicable love for viticulture, the winery is a beacon for exquisite wine production.

The winery was established in 1993 by a trio of zealous wine enthusiasts: John Hancock, Robert and Robyn Wilson. Having noticed Hawke’s Bay’s potential for producing high-quality, distinctively flavoured wines: they embarked on what would become a journey of grandeur, establishing the celebrated Trinity Hill Winery. It is now a globally recognised wine brand synonymous with innovation, integrity and consistent enjoyment.

Nestled amidst the serene, awe-inspiring hills, the winery is not only home to undeniably classic wines but also captivates visitors with its picturesque setting. The winery encompasses 80 hectares of prime vineyards, each lovingly drenched in Hawkes Bay’s ample sunlight. Erupting to life with radiant flavours and arresting bouquets, these vineyards set the scene for the magnificent dance between land and grape.

Trinity Hill grows a diverse range of grape varieties, their hallmark varietals including Syrah, Chardonnay and Bordeaux blend whose accolades testament to the purity and complexity that defines their wines. So, when you sip a Trinity Hill wine, prepare to embark on a sensory journey uncorking the heart and soul of Hawkes Bay.

Despite the inevitable changes in ownership and winemaking practices, Trinity Hill continues to hold onto its place as 'legendary winery' firmly rooted in tradition, yet evolving to meet the demands of the contemporary consumer.

Visiting the winery is an immersive experience – a delicate dance of education, exploration and indulgence. From visiting private cellars to tasting sessions that set the palate on fire, Trinity Hill Winery vitality in wine production, remains unmatched.

This love for viticulture, dedication to quality, and the beguiling ambiance of Trinity Hill Winery’s setting combine to create an enchanting experience, one that goes beyond the glass, and into the heart Hawke’s Bay itself.

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