Wente Vineyards

Wente Vineyards

About Wente Vineyards

Established in the heart of the idyllic Livermore Valley, Wente Vineyards is a family-owned winery with a lengthy history and a rich tradition that spans five generations. The winery, founded in 1883 by Carl H. Wente, has firmly rooted itself as one of the most esteemed vineyard establishments in the United States.

Meticulous winemaking practices and sustainable farming are at the centre of the Wente Vineyards business model. The commitment to exceptional quality resonates through every single drop of their decadently bold Cabernet Sauvignon and uniquely buttery Chardonnay. The winery remains the oldest, continuously operated family-owned winery in the United States offering a breathtaking expanse of over 2000 acres of estate vineyard.

But it's not only the wines that set Wente Vineyards apart. This destination is also renowned for its world-class restaurant, offering sumptuous wine pairings that perfectly complement their creative culinary creations. The superb dining experience is flawlessly paired with an atmospheric setting, featuring panoramic views of the estate’s vineyards and beautifully manicured gardens.

In addition, Wente presents a magnificent outdoor concert experience in the heart of the vineyard. Hosted in the summer months, you'll find an eclectic mix of celebrated global artists performing, with prior acts including renowned names from James Taylor to Sheryl Crow. It's a unique music experience that is only amplified by the grandeur of the vineyard under the stunning Californian sunset.

Of course, one could'nt discuss Wente Vineyards without mentioning their dedicated lifestyle production arm, the Wente Vineyards Lifestyle Collection. This inspiring collection includes everything from estate-grown olive oil to handcrafted home accessories and personal care products.

In conclusion, the allure of Wente Vineyards goes far beyond the taste of their exquisite wines. It is the holistic experience that encapsulates the spirit of quality and tradition of winemaking that is deeply rooted in every corner of the estate.

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