Willunga 100

Willunga 100

About Willunga 100

Willunga 100 is situated in the awe-inspiring McLaren Vale region of South Australia. The winery derives its name from the ancient area it stands upon; 'Willunga' translates to 'the place of green trees' from the local aboriginal language, highlighting the mesmerising landscapes within which the winery operates.

Regardless of its relatively recent establishment in 2004, the winery possesses a reputable heritage in the world of wine. Here, wine-lovers can find an uncanny blend of modern finesse and time-honoured tradition that makes the winery truly unique. The vineyards flourish in the Mediterranean-type climate, known for its hot yet breezy summers and mild winters, ideal conditions for growing high-quality grapes.

Intriguingly, the ethos of the winery is in nurturing 100-year-old vines, aligning perfectly with the name 'Willunga 100'. The Grenache and other red varieties historically cultivated in the McLaren Vale region, benefit tremendously from these antiquated vines and terroir, with older vines yielding lower quantities, but exceptional quality of fruit.

The winery’s dedication to sustainable viticulture practices is notable. along with its commitment to “enhancing the ecology of the vineyards, the resulting wines speak to the place they were grown, with a purity of fruit flavour and a sense of vibrancy.” Arguably, these sustainable practices have significantly influenced Willunga 100’s success and believe it helps to ensure the future viability of the winery for generations to come.

From the picturesque vineyards to the inviting cellar door adorned with aesthetically pleasing wooden barrels and stacked wine-filled bottles, visiting Willunga 100 is an afternoon well spent. Tantalise your taste buds while simultaneously enjoying stunning views of the serene green surroundings. With its compelling story and stunning portfolio of wines, it’s little wonder that Willunga 100 has garnered well-deserved acclaim.
At a glance, Willunga 100 is more than just a winery; it’s a testament to the true spirit of wine-making, and a homage to the beauty and bounty of its Australian homeland.

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