About Zorah

Nestled in the heart of the historic land of Armenia, Zorah winery stands as a beautiful testament to the region’s long-standing tradition of winemaking. An elegant mixing of past traditions and modern innovations, the winery encapsulates the timeless allure of age-old vines and the sophisticated charm of contemporary wine culture.

Founded by the dapper Zorik Gharibian, an Armenian native who returned home after establishing a successful fashion business in Italy, the winery is the brainchild of his lifetime passion for wines. Aware of the rich winemaking heritage of his homeland, he dreamt of preserving and presenting this to the world stage. Hence, with a zealous enthusiasm and an indomitable spirit, he established Zorah winery in the early 2000s.

Spread across the scenic landscape of Vayots Dzor, Zorah winery unfolds over meticulously groomed vineyards that are alive with the vivacious pulse of indigenous Ainori grapes. These grapes have, for centuries, been a part of the Armenian winemaking culture. It's the careful handling and nourishing of these vines that produce the quintessential Zorah wines, noted for their distinct aroma and unique flavour profiles.

Zorah’s winework is not just about producing quality wines but its a commitment to reinstate Armenia’s rich viticultural legacy. Its wines, with their distinct taste, resonate with the country's rich history and offer the perfect ode to Armenia's winemaking tradition. Each wine tells a thousand tales of the grapes' journey from the vine to the bottle, enchanting the wine enthusiasts.

At Zorah, the ancient tale of winemaking meets modernity, resulting in an exceptional range of wines that are noted globally for their class and character. Guided by its founder’s fervour and unwavering belief, the winery continues to add value to the world of wines and reinforces Armenia’s status as a global winemaking powerhouse.

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