About Zorzal

Located in the scenic heartland of Argentina's world-renowned Mendoza wine region, Zorzal Winery is a testament to the country’s illustrious viticultural story. Zorzal, a Spanish term for thrush, is much more than a simple winery. It's a beacon of good taste, dedication, and Argentina's unrivalled winemaking tradition.

Founded in 2007, the Zorzal Winery has risen in its short period of existence to become a symbol of Argentinian distinction and character. Managed by the Michelini brothers, this winery has gained unparalleled attention for its focus on premium quality and innovation. Zorzal boasts meticulous production techniques, ensuring the unique flavour profiles of their wines are preserved from vineyard to glass.

The vineyards, ripe with Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay varietals, unfurl across the Uco Valley, a natural amphitheatre 1350 metres above sea level. Rich, nurturing soil, abundant sunshine, and a distinctive high-altitude climate provide the perfect concoction for producing vibrant wines with deep complexities.

Zorzal Wines are unrivalled in their commitment to environmentally-friendly tactics, employing sustainable viticultural practices and water conservation efforts, which admirably reflects their dedication to maintaining the land’s natural beauty.

At an architectural level, Zorzal Winery is a fusion of functional minimalism and rustic charm. Its state-of-the-art facilities implement gravity-flow winemaking processes to carefully handle the grape, while the barrel room, buried underground, maintains the ideal temperature and humidity for ageing their wines to perfection.

The end result? An enchanting portfolio of wines that encapsulate Argentina's rich wine story and the terroir's specific complexities. Zorzal's award-winning wines are admired across the globe for their robust elegance, deft balance and unforgettable aromatic intensity.

Zorzal Winery offers a rewarding experience, whether you're a seasoned sommelier or a curious adventurer in the world of wine. Endless rows of vines, jaw-dropping Andean vistas, and a snatch of local culture make every visit to Zorzal as unique and memorable, as the last.

From the art and science of winemaking to the natural beauty of there surroundings, Zorzal Winery invites you to not only taste but also experience the very essence of Argentina's viticultural heritage.

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