About Us

Who is winedirect?

Winedirect.co.uk is part of Neulin Trading Ltd, a privately owned, limited liability company established in 1994

The company's main office is at:

9 High Street, Hailsham, East Sussex BN271AL
Phone: 01323 441941
Email: sales@winedirect.co.uk

Andrew Birtley - Web and customer service manager

How is winedirect different from other sites?

Our exceptional range of wines from around the world are independently rated and critiqued by the world's top wine critics - so that you know what you are buying and you have the information necessary to confidently explore new grape varieties and enjoy new wines.

We're passionate about wine and believe that knowing more about where the wines come from , the grape varieties and wine styles, can enhance your wine drinking experience and embolden you to experiment with the wide selection of wine styles and grape varieties on our list.

We aim to offer the most competitive prices available on the internet for all our wines. We do not believe in artificially increasing our prices so that we can pretend to offer huge discounts. We benchmark all our pricing on the world's leading wine price comparison site, Winesearcher and you are welcome to compare our prices at your leisure . If we cannot offer a competitive price proposition then generally we do not stock the wine.

All prices are offered in £ Pounds Sterling and are inclusive of UK VAT.

Is Winedirect able to source wine not offered on the site?

Yes - we have a searchable database of over 30,000 wines and excellent relationships with wine producers and wine agents. We can respond to most enquiries within 24 hours.