Shiraz/Syrah grape is a unique and popular variety of dark-skinned grape cultivated worldwide for its use in winemaking. It is most notably associated with France's Rhône Valley, where it's named Syrah, and with Australia, where it goes by the name Shiraz. However, its exact origins remain hotly debated.

Syrah is a relatively adaptable grape, thriving in a broad array of climates from cool to warm, across continents. This versatility contributes to the wide range of styles in Shiraz/Syrah wines. In cooler regions like Northern Rhône, the wine takes on an elegant, peppery flavour, often with savoury notes of olive, herbs and smoke. In contrast, when grown in warmer climates, such as in Barossa Valley, Australia, Shiraz often transforms into a full-bodied wine bursting with poignant black fruit flavours, chocolate and liquorice notes.

The Shiraz/Syrah grape is deeply coloured with a thick skin that, when fermented, results in wines with high tannic content. The vine is quite vigorous and high yielding which makes it an economic choice for winemakers. It is also often blended with other varieties to enhance the wine’s structure and complexity.

Some wine connoisseurs consider the Syrah grape to be one of the noble grape varieties, aligned with the likes of Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir. They adore the rich, powerful character of Shiraz/Syrah wines and their fair ageing potential. Indeed, well-crafted Syrah/Shiraz wines can mature beautifully over several years, developing complex tertiary aromas with time in the bottle. All these qualities make Shiraz/Syrah grape a true virtue in the world of wine.

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