Change of Ownership

Change of Ownership

Under new ownership 

The domain name has a new owner. Questions about orders or any activity prior to April 2024 should be directed to the previous owners or the liquidator using contact details provided below.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a unique and human-readable web address used to identify specific locations on the internet. It serves as the textual representation of the numerical IP (Internet Protocol) address associated with a particular web server where website files are stored.

Domain names are essential for users to easily navigate the internet and find specific websites without needing to remember the complex string of numbers that make up IP addresses. They are registered through domain registrars, which manage the allocation and administration of domain names according to established rules and regulations.

Why would a company chose to buy or sell a domain name?

There are many reasons why companies buy and sell domain names. One of these is due to the value of the domain name that it has in the online market.

An easy way to think of a domain name for an online shop is to compare it to a high street shop. Just like on the high street certain locations attract more traffic and are therefore more valuable than others. This is the same for the online market and certain domain names are valued higher by search engines such as Google.

When a domain name is sold, does this include the website, company and all their assets or liabilities?

No, purchasing a domain name does not mean that the website or company associated with that domain name is also purchased.

A domain name is simply the address used to access a website on the internet. It’s like the physical address of a building. Owning the address doesn’t mean you own the business inside it.

When you purchase a domain name, you’re only acquiring the rights to use that specific web address. The website content, business operations, assets and liabilities associated with the domain name are separate entities and are not included in the sale.

New owner of

ABV Network Ltd
Reg No: 11490018
VAT No: 387960829
Address: Unit 8M, Worton Hall Industrial Estate, Worton Road, Isleworth, TW7 6ER

Previous owner of

Wine Direct (Sussex) Limited
Reg No: 11872393
VAT No: 317470116
Address: Unit 5, Blackbarn Farm, Lower Dicker, Hailsham BN27 4BZ, UK
Tel: 01323 671700

Contact details of liquidator

Quantuma Advisory Limited
Contact: Caroline Barratt
Tel: 01202 059463