Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir grape presents as one of the most refined and esteemed varieties within the global wine circuit. Originating in the Burgundy region of France, this delicate, thin-skinned grape has prompted vintners and enthusiasts around the world to fall for its vibrant palate and intricate intricacies.

Being notoriously difficult to grow, the cultivation of Pinot Noir requires attentive care and a favourable climate. The grape thrives in cooler regions and is less tolerant of heat and dramatic weather changes when compared to other varieties. Its susceptibility to diseases and rot as a result of its thin skin only adds to its notorious reputation. Despite these challenges, the Pinot Noir grape remains persistently desirable to growers and wine enthusiasts due to the deep, rich flavours it imparts.

In terms of flavour, Pinot Noir has a distinctive profile marked by a combination of red and dark fruits along with earthy undertones, pepper and even truffle. While the wine it produces is typically light-bodied, it never falls short of depth and complexity. The best Pinot Noir wines deliver a uniquely silky, soft texture and accompany a lingering finish, achieved through barrel ageing.

Moreover, as one of the oldest grape varieties, Pinot Noir has had ample time for genetic mutation, resulting in numerous clones that each exhibit their distinct nuances. These diverse genetic expressions allow for a striking range of Pinot Noir styles, from elegant and ethereal to robust and structured.

The allure of Pinot Noir lies in its ability to embody both power and elegance, to balance depth with delicacy, and to express the nuances of its 'terroir' with a distinct adeptness. It truly epitomises the artistry of winemaking and the pursuit of perfection in a glass of red wine.
Profile: Pinot Noir offers a complex, yet delicately balanced taste drawn from an old, heritage grape variety marked by a determination to thrive across global vineyards against considerable odds.

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