Wine is desirable, portable , aspirational and - of course - very drinkable...and as such makes the perfect promotional tool for companies. Our corporate services encompass the following..

Corporate Gifts - we have the finest selection of corporate wine gifts in the UK. A huge range of fine wines, beautiful presentation boxes and experience in shipping to over 30 countries worldwide. For large corporate orders we can source specific wines, include cards and other promotional materials with your gifts and customize labels and presentation boxes with your company logo and message.

Gift Vouchers - gift vouchers are a simple and cost effective way to reward and incentivise customers, staff and other stakeholders. We can provide them in soft or hard copies and, for orders of 100 or more , customise the designs with your logo, message and unique redemption code. Click here for Gift Vouchers!

Wine Club - membership of our Wine Club is a superb staff incentive, retirement gift or reward for loyalty. Available in 5 tiers from £300 to over £1000 per annum, the lucky recipient receives a case of 12 fine wines every quarter as well as additional benefits. We can also customize a Wine Club gift according to value, taste or country of origin and include promotional literature with each case.

Corporate events and parties - nothing is better than good wine for improving the flow of communication and general joie de vivre at a corporate event or office party. We provide fine wine for corporate events and parties throughout the UK and can arrange glass hire from local contractors as well.

Wine Tastings - we partner with a wide range of companies and individuals who specialise in corporate wine tastings. We'll discuss the focus, tone and budget of the event with you and select the right partner from our panel - while saving you money by providing the wine ourselves.

Please contact us or call TBC to discuss how we can help you with your requirements.