Corporate Gifts

We are always delighted to put together customised wine gift proposals for larger corporate customers, including special delivery rates for bulk online wine gift orders. Just email us at  with your requirements including budget per gift. Corporate customers are welcome to order via email and we will send you our standard Gift-Address-Message spreadsheet for you to complete. We will then contact you and invoice you via email.

1. If you would include their mobile phone number, the courier could text arrival time or arrange an alternative slot.

2. Please ensure the correct post code – particularly for international destinations.

3. Gifts of wine/spirits/chocolates can be packed with your company name, corporate colours, and logos etc., on the bottle or the box. Do email us with your specific requirements. 

Gift Vouchers We offer both hard copy and soft copy Gift Vouchers. Soft copy vouchers are available in any denomination from £25 and we can customize the voucher design for large corporate orders. Vouchers are valid for a year and are sent by email with your message. 

Click here for Gift Vouchers!

As with all arrangements, the best plan is to order as early as possible!