New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand, a dreamy island nation in the Pacific, is famed for its world-class wines. The country's unique geology and temperate climate create the perfect conditions for viticulture. Its wine industry is fast growing; the country is recognised as one of the premium wine producers worldwide.

The two islands of New Zealand offer diverse conditions that foster the growth of a variety of grapes. The North Island, with its oceanic climate, produces excellent full-bodied reds. The South Island, noted for its colder weather and rocky soils, is celebrated for its clean, crisp whites.

New Zealand's wine regions are spread across the country's coastline, each with its distinctive terroir. Central Otago and Marlborough are internationally renowned for premium quality wines. Marlborough, the country's largest wine-growing region, is acclaimed for its Sauvignon Blanc - a vibrant, aromatic varietal that has put New Zealand on the world wine map. Central Otago, the world's southernmost wine-growing region, is famed for its exceptional Pinot Noir - rich velvety wines with deep fruits and spice notes.

Beyond Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, New Zealand also cultivates other European grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling and Merlot, each acquiring its distinct flavour profile in the unique New Zealand terroir.

The country has been swiftly gaining a reputation for producing some of the world's best sparkling wines too, with traditional Méthode Champenoise being used by many Kiwi wine producers.

New Zealand wines are often described as being vibrant, lush, and full of complexity, akin to the country’s grand landscapes. The country places great emphasis on sustainable winegrowing practices and is a leader in this field, with many vineyards obtaining environmentally-friendly certifications. New Zealand’s wine industry is a perfect fusion of traditional practices and innovative techniques, all aimed at showcasing the country’s distinct biodiversity in every bottle.

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