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16 stops

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Hidden amidst the verdant vines of South Australia lies a mesmerising gem; the 16 Stops Winery. Spread over a stunning landscape of lush greenery, this bewitching winery ticks all the boxes for every wine connoisseur's dream.

What makes 16 Stops Winery unique is its commitment to precision in quality. Every bottle is deliberated over with unerring precision, ensuring that each variety of wine produced reflects the richness of the region's terroir. From the robust, full-bodied array of reds to the crisp, subtly nuanced whites, each bottle captures the essence of the Australian vineyard in a manner that is quintessentially 16 Stops.

The winery’s history traces back to 1996, when Michael Perry and thier team embarked on this vinicultural journey. Displaying an incredibly noble vision, they dedicated themselves to sourcing and vinifying grapes from the quintessential Australian regions. With a fastidious approach to viticulture and unique winemaking processes, the team at 16 Stops manages to perfectly express the individuality of these grapes in every glass of their wine.

Visitors are privy to an unrivalled, immersive wine tasting experience at 16 Stops. The staff are dexterously trained, imparting knowledge about wine-making processes and the nuances of different wines. The winery also offers private barrel tasting sessions, which many vinophiles find particularly engaging.

However, 16 Stops is more than just a winery. It’s a haven of tranquillity nestled amidst nature's splendour. The panoramic views of rolling vineyards under the clear blue Australian sky can make anyone feel at peace. It's an escape from the hustle and bustle, a place where you can savour the tantalising flavours of fine wine in the serenity of nature's luscious grandeur.

Should you find yourself journeying through South Australia, the 16 Stops Winery is a destination that you mustn’t: miss. Let yourself be enamoured by the allure of these beautiful vineyards, whilst indulging in wines that are a sublime testament to the surrounding terroir.

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