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Achaval Ferrer

About Achaval Ferrer

Rated among the top wineries in the Argentinian Mendoza Region, Achaval Ferrer is a haven for wine enthusiasts across the globe. Established in 1998, the winery was the vision of a group of friends who were passionately committed to viticulture, and was inspired to reflect the richness and spirit of traditional Argentine wine making. Achaval Ferrer has conscientiously earned a prestigious reputation among both critics and consumers for its commitment to authenticity and its focus on terroir-inspired wines.

Dedicating their understanding and skill to create top quality wines, the winemakers at Achaval Ferrer endeavour to bunker tradition and craft, achingly fusing it with modern technology. The vineyard hosts 3 magnificent plots Station, Bella Vista and Diamante, each showcasing different grapes blessed with a multitude of nuances due to the varying elevation and terrain.

Attention to detail is crucial to Achaval Ferrer's approach to winemaking; each vine is hand-picked and the vinification process is meticoulously overseen, ensuring top-notch quality with every pour. As a result, Achaval Ferrer’s Malbec has garnered international acclaim, praised for its exotic aromas and smooth, balanced flavours.

Another standout is the Quimera, a blend that combines Malbec, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. This decadent blend marries the bold character of Malbec with the complexity and structure of the other components, presenting a wine of impressive depth and character,

When there, visitors are encouraged to tour the vineyards and examine the vintage barrels. Individual wine tastings hosted against the breathtaking views of the Mendoza mountains offer a delightful experience.

In essence, what sets Achaval Ferrer apart from its peers is the exacting balance they maintain, between memorable flavour profile and ecological consciousness. It’s a captivating testament to the love and expertise that goes into every bottle of Achaval Ferrer's wine. Their passion for wine is not just in the grapes and the bottles - it’s in the atmosphere, the experience and the everlasting memories that come from sharing a perfect glass of wine.

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