Ata Rangi

Ata Rangi

About Ata Rangi

Renowned as one of New Zealand's most iconic and highly esteemed wineries, Ata Rangi holds an exceptional pedigree in winemaking. Inspired by nature, the winery is a haven for enviably pristine vineyards immersed in the tranquil surroundings of the Martinborough region. It is a cherished establishment that has been passionately working the land for over forty years.

Ata Rangi, translated as "dawn sky" or "new beginning", resonates perfectly with their philosophy and approach to winemaking. Each season ushering in a new cycle of life and growth for their exceptional variety of grapes. The intensity of the sun along with the punctuated relief of nighttime cooling allows Ata Rangi to produce wines with remarkable complexity and depth. Strategically situated on an ancient river terrace, the winery's site offers not just breathtaking landscapes but perfect, free draining soils and low rainfall benefits too.

Their wines are truly second to none and are a sublime affair of taste, texture and aroma. Specialising in Pinot Noir Ata Rangi has garnered critical acclaim, impressing the finest wine palates across the globe. Their handcrafted wines are a magnificent representation of the region's terroir and the winery’s commitment to quality, Though they have achieved global fame, it is their unwavering respect for the land and environment that stands out the most.

To put it succinctly, a visit to Ata Rangi is an unforgettable encounter. Visitors are indulged with stunning views, remarkable wines and the warmest Of Kiwi hospitality that leaves one craving for more. Step into the world of Ata Rangi, and uncover an extraordinary wine journey that cherishes heritage, celebrates nature, and honours incredible craftsmanship.

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