Bodegas Ondarre

Bodegas Ondarre

About Bodegas Ondarre

Tucked away in the heart of Rioja, Spain, nestles the renowned Bodegas Ondarre winery. Sitting amidst the lush, sprawling vineyards, this charming establishment is driven by a decades-old philosophy of passion and dedication to the art of winemaking.

Bodegas Ondarre began its fruitful journey in 1985, offering the world a delightful blend of tradition and avant-garde techniques. Embedded in an enchanting landscape, the winery is situated in Viana, a town filled with a rich history that seeps into every inch of the place, enhancing its allure.

Renowned for producing Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva wines, Bodegas Ondarre's wines are a true testament to their ethos – quality above all. Spanning 110 hectares, the winery gets its charm from the optimal soil conditions; a mixture of clay, sand and limestone which promotes the growth of grape varieties such as Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Mazuelo. Each grape variety is crafted into elegant wines that effortlessly embody the beauty and complexity of Rioja.

Apart from the scenic vineyards, the winery itself is an architectural wonder. The centrepiece of the winery is the towering fermenting room, filled with steel vessels designed to produce the finest wines. Bodegas Ondarre's fermenting room is akin to a cathedral of wine, where the magic of winemaking comes to life under the careful supervision of seasoned oenologists.

This winery, however, is not just about excellent wine-making. Bodegas Ondarre hosts tastings, tours, and even offers banquet services. Its picturesque settings make it an idyllic venue for all manner of events, be it weddings, corporate retreats or a simple day trip for wine connoisseurs)

For those yearning for a rich and immersive wine experience, Bodegas Ondarre invites you to embark on a fascinating journey of flavours and traditions. It promises you a sensory delight, complemented by the aura of history and the enthusiasm of its people who are ardent in their love for wine.

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