Chateau Léoube

Chateau Léoube

About Chateau Léoube

Located near the Côte d'Azur, nestled amidst the magnificent splendour of the French Riviera, sits the exquisite Chateau Léoube winery. This sprawling, picturesque estate spans over 560 hectares and is one of Europe’s most beautiful vineyards. It has been producing world-class wines with a distinctly Provençal character since 1998, under the guidance of skilled winemakers.

At the heart of Chateau Léoube’s philosophy is a profound respect for the environment and biodiversity. Certified for its organic farming practices since 1996. The estate raises old vine varietals, bolstered by a natural ecosystem that promotes a favourable growth condition for the vines, which in turn, aids in the production of purely organic, quality wines.

The vineyard thrives on a combination of bloody red soil, generous sunlight, and cool sea breezes, the Mediterranean winery proudly produces a variety of wines. These include the signature rosés, such as the exquisite “Secret de Léoube” and the charming “Love by Léoube,” along with a selection of red, white, and sparkling wines.

Inside the estate, the production process is as much an art as it is science. Grapes are hand-picked at dawn to retain their freshness, then gently transported without crushing, to the on-site cellar. This, in tandem with meticulous processing and maturation techniques, contributes to Chateau Léoube’s wines, brimming with delicate yet prominent features, capturing the magic of the Provençal terroir in every drop.

Beyond its exceptional wines, Chateau Léoube is an experience in itself. The lavish beauty of the surrounding landscape, complete with craggy cliffs, azure-blue skies and panoramic vistas of the Mediterranean Sea. The estate’s wonderful olive groves, lush vegetable gardens and honey-bee hives further add to its enchanted allure.

In synthesis, the Chateau Léoube winery has artfully married traditional winemaking techniques, with environmentally conscious approaches to offer wines that embody the soul and essence of the Provence region its; authenticity pours out in every sip.

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