About Ferrari

Nestled amidst the rolling vineyards of Trentino, Northern Italy, lies the world-class establishment of Ferrari Winery. This Italian gem was established in 1902 by Giulio Ferrari, who aspired to produce sparkling wines to rival those of the traditional champagne region in France.

At Ferrari Winery, the motto has always been 'from vine to bottle.' Honoring this principle, the winery controls each stage of production. Every glass of wine produced here mirrors the harmony between the extraordinary terroir and traditional winemaking processes.

The vineyards cover a vast stretch of 100 hectares around Trentino, the heartland of Italian viticulture. High-altitude vineyards combined with a unique microclimate; provide the perfect conditions for robust, flavourful grapes. The winery’s renowned reputation is upheld through its commitment to sustainable farming practices.

One of the offerings that makes Ferrari Winery stand out in a crowded marketplace is the impressive range of award-winning sparkling wines. Their greatest achievement arguably being the Giulio Ferrari Riserva del Fondatore, regarded as Italy’s finest sparkling wine. This exquisite vintage takes you on a sensory journey through notes of ripe fruit, honey, and almonds.

In addition, the expertise and devotion of Ferrari’s winemakers, their passion for enhancing the nuances of each variety of grape, is evident in every bottle that leaves the vineyard.

At Ferrari, pursuit for perfection is a legacy passed down through generations. Current descendants of Ferrari Winery, Marcello Lunelli and his cousins, pursue this goal with relentless passion and innovation to produce top-notch sparkling wines.

Ferrari Winery's outstanding contribution to the world of wines has not gone unnoticed. Besides the long list of local and international awards, the family-owned winery has won the treasured title of "Sparkling Wine Producer of the Year" multiple times.

Ferrari Winery places a premium on experience, from the impeccable service at their winery to the aftertaste of a shared bottle between friends. Your visit to Ferrari will certainly be an unforgettable journey, from the sip of your first glass to the last drop.

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