About Fontodi

Established in the heart of the picturesque Chianti Classico region, Fontodi winery is famed for its superb production of high-quality organic wines. Nestled in the magnificent Conca d’Oro valley, this esteemed family-run estate enjoys a perfect, sun-drenched location that naturally lends itself to the cultivation of exceptional Sangiovese grapes.

The Manetti family, who have owned the estate since 1969, consistently uphold a long-standing commitment to organic farming practices. Equally as impressive is their dedication to utilising traditional winemaking methods. Considering these enduring principles, it is hardly surprising that Fontodi has earned a reputation as a prime example of Tuscan winemaking at its most authentic and enchanting.

Despite their adherence to time-honoured techniques, the family also embraces modernity in a bid to produce the best possible wines. Under the guiding hand of the winemaker, Giovanni Manetti, Fontodi favours dense plantings and long fermentations to exploit the full expression of the precious grapes.

Among Fontodi's renowned offerings include the enchanting Flaccianello della Pieve and a premium selection of Chianti Classicos, each wine is a testament to the winery’s unyielding commitment to quality. While these wines have been widely recognised for their elegance and superb structure, their distinctive Tuscan character, brimming with dark cherry, plums and earthy undertones remains undoubtedly their signature trait.

Visitors are invited to explore the winery and its beautiful surroundings, with an optional guided tour that provides a comprehensive insight into the estate's wine production process. From the meticulously tended vineyards to the atmospheric cellars, each part of the journey is a sensory delight, culminating in a wine tasting session held in the estate's stylish tasting room.

With its captivating fusion of tradition and innovation, respect for the environment and an uncompromising dedication to quality; Fontodi winery captures the timeless allure of open-handed Tuscan hospitality. Allowing you to savour the true essence of Tuscany, one glass at a time.

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