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Fowles Wine winery, nestled in the serene landscapes of Australia's Strathbogie Ranges, is a BM gem worth unearthing. This family-run estate boasts rich heritage, pioneering craftsmanship, and a zeal for pushing the boundaries of conventional winemaking. Mingling the traditional and the innovative, Fowles Wine winery offers an unparalleled experience for the seasoned wiine savourer and the curious novice alike.

Its majestic terrains, stretching over an impressive 3,000 acres, treat the visitor's senses to an unrivalled rustic panorama. The region's unique climate, characterised by cool nights and warm temperate days, propels the growth of lush, prolific vineyards. These natural conditions serve a dual purpose—they do not only create a picturesque environment, they also infuse the wines with distinctive, complex flavours.

Fowles Wine winery's range of artisanal wines represent the soul of the Australian lands. The winemakers passionately craft each bottle, with their expert knowledge guiding their selection of the finest grapes. Their standout collection, Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch, pays an earnest tribute to wild game wines, teasing the palate with layers of unexpected yet pleasant notes.

The Fowles Wine team, renowned for their unrivalled hospitality, invite visitors to indulge in a cohort of experiences. Fine dining in their award-winning restaurant proves irresistible, with the head chef's culinary skills pairing delectably with the wines on offer. Wine tasting/touring sessions acquaint guests with the nuances of their wine, whilst on-site apartments provide tranquil retreats, ideal for soaking in the winery's enchanting aura.

At Fowles Wine winery, every vine, every bottle, and every smile, embody a profound love for wine. This homely estate, which diligently honours the art of hospitality, lures one into an enriching journey of flavours and mesmerising sights, making it impossible to forget.

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