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Gnarly Head

About Gnarly Head

Gnarly Head winery is not merely a place where excellent wine is produced, but an absolute emblem of rich winemaking tradition. Embedded in the surreal landscapes of California, this winery is known for harnessing the robust and diverse flavours of the region's vineyards in their age-old tradition of wine production.

The identity of Gnarly Head is intricately linked to the vineyards from where it draws its name. These ancient vineyards house some of the world's most unique and oldest Zinfandel vines, their gnarled structure representing an enduring legacy of the winery— hence the name Gnarly Head.

The winery follows a meticulous process in crafting their wines. The end result is a stunning line-up of wines that capture the complex and intense, yet smooth and expressive essence of the viñedo. The wines are not only designed to be enjoyed in solitude but also crafted in a way that they pair seamlessly with a diverse spread of dishes, enhancing culinary experiences considerably.

What's most unique about Gnarly Head is their criteria for the cultivation of classic vines. They specifically look for 'gnarly' vines because these old vines produce fewer grape clusters, but with more concentrated flavours in these grapes lending to the distinctive character of Gnarly Head wines.

Gnarly Heads Old Vine Zin, in particular, has gained a devout following among wine lovers. Bursting with rich, bold flavours, it is a true epitome of the winery's commitment to quality.

Besides producing luscious wines, the winery itself, boasts an unforgettable landscape, scenic vineyards and tasting rooms that seamlessly blend California's rustic charm with modern sophistication. A visit to Gnarly Head, apart from experiencing excellent wine, is also about losing oneself in the captivating beauty of the region.

In summary, Gnarly Head winery in California with its incredible assortment of wines, rich tradition, and picturesque landscape, is a secular destination for every wine lover!

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