Quinta do Crasto

Quinta do Crasto

About Quinta do Crasto

Nestled amongst the rolling hills and picturesque scenery of Portugal’s Douro region, lies Quinta do Crasto. This winery boasts a rich history, dating back to the early 17th century. Its charming environment and legacy of fine winemaking have given it a unique position in the world of viticulture.

A treasure trove for wine lovers, Quinta do Crasto, known for its innovative methods, is recognised for its robust portfolio of exceptional wines. Bountiful vineyards spread across 120 hectares produce top-grade varietals like Touriga Nacional, Vinhas Velhas, and Crasto Superior. Additionally the winery's sixty-eight hectares of olive groves produce rich, full-bodied olive oil; capturing the essence of the location’s terroir.

Its dedication to sustainable practices is evident in the winery's operations. Quinta do Crasto has embraced organic farming methods and maintains a strong commitment to preserving the biodiversity of the Douro region. Through a combination of traditional techniques and modern technologies, Quinta do Crasto delivers the near-magical flavour profiles admired by many, while maintaining a responsible approach to the environment.

Another striking feature of Quinta do Crasto is its Wine Tourism offering. Enthusiasts can experience the splendid panoramic views of the Douro Valley from the winery's terraces, soak in the tranquil ambiance and participate in exceptional wine tastings. A visit to the cellar allows a peek into the winery’s intricacies and the traditional ‘lagares’, where wine is still made by foot treading.

However, perhaps the most compelling factor of Quinta do Crasto is the fine art of their winemaking skill, The endless commitment to producing exquisite, world-class wines is apparent in every sip. Whether one is a wine connoisseur or a casual consumer, they are sure to be captivated by Quinta do Crasto’s distinctive aura, stunning landscapes, and delectable offerings.

A journey to Quinta do Crasto is not just a winery visit it's, a profound wine experience.

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