Seifried Estate

Seifried Estate

About Seifried Estate

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Nelson, New Zealand, lies the charming Seifried Estate Winery. A purveyor of award-winning wines globally, this winery offers a captivating fusion of tradition, innovation and heart. Founded in 1973 by Hermann and Agnes Seifried, the estate has flourished under their meticulous care, growing from a modest family venture to a world-renowned wine producer.

The Seifried Estate spans three unique vineyard sites - Aotea, Rabbit Island, and Redwood Valley. Each characterised by diverse soil types and microclimates, these regions yield grapes of exceptional character and flavour. The estate’s proclivity for crafting remarkable wines is abundantly evident in their extensive portfolio, which boasts some of New Zealand's most celebrated Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay, among others.

Perhaps what's most striking about the Seifried Estate is its family-centric ethos; even as it has grown, it has managed to operate as a truly family-owned and family-run winery. Christine, Anna, and Chris, Hermann and Agnes’s children, are intimately involved in the business, lending their unique skills from winemaking to marketing, ensuring the continued success and growth of the estate.

While staying committed to sustainable farming practices, the winery is also distinguished by it's continued quest for innovation; evident in every wine produced there. Whether it is the introduction of the Austrian grape variety Grüner Veltliner, or the adoption of cutting-edge technological advancements for enhanced wine production, the Seifried Estate has always been at the forefront of the New Zealand wine industry.

Visitors to the Seifried Estate are treated with warm Kiwi hospitality, complemented by a series of wine tastings and tours. The estate offers wine lovers a unique opportunity to savour handcrafted wines amidst the beauty of the Nelson landscape. The restaurant on site dishes up delectable local cuisine of impeccable quality, proving that fine wine turns truly exquisite when paired with the perfect culinary delicacies!

In conclusion, Seifried Estate Winery is more just than a steward of premium New Zealand wines; its a family story, a testament of commitment to excellence and a reflection of the Nelson terroir. Its oh-so worthy of a visit, be it for merely sampling their distinct wines or soaking in the lush vineyard views.

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