Paraje Altamira

Paraje Altamira

Situated in the heart of the province of Mendoza, Argentina, Paraje Altamira is a small wine region that is renowned for its exquisite wine production. Encircled by snow-capped Andean peaks, this region boasts an exceptional climate that nurtures the growth of various vine varieties, with particular emphasis on Argentina's flagship grape, Malbec. The high-altitude vineyards provide an ideal blend of daytime warmth and cool nocturnal temperatures, which contribute to the production of subtle, intricately flavoured wines.

The iconic Paraje Altamira wine, characterised by its profound ruby-rich colour, offers a tantalising palette decorated with vibrant layers of blackberries, plums, and cherries, subtly infused with notes of chocolate and black pepper. Its intricate body is well balanced by a brilliant acidity that leads to a persistent, gratifying finish. Additionally, the extended maturation period in French oak barrels lends a distinctive spiciness that harmonises seamlessly with its fruit-forward profile.

Always a delightful accompaniment to flavourful cuisine, Paraje Altamira wine particularly excels when paired with robust Argentine grills or hearty stews, highlighting its bold intensity and complexity. Residents and tourists alike particularly savour this wine for its ability to capture the essence of Argentine terroir, as well as its potential for ageing, which ensures its place as an excellent addition to any discerning wine cellar.

In a country where wine culture is intimately woven into the fabric of everyday life, Paraje Altamira stands as a quintessential representation of the pristine viniculture nestled within the stunning landscape of Mendoza. Whether a dedicated oenophile or a casual sipper, one is sure to be captivated by the vivacious character and luscious depth intricately spun within each glass of Paraje Altamira wine.

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