Victoria, the smallest mainland state in Australia, is renowned for its impressive production of distinctive and characterful wines. Nestled in the nation’s southeast corner, this wine region is blessed with varying microclimates, a diverse topography and richness in its soil profiles, providing excellent conditions for viticulture.

There are over 800 wineries in Victoria, many of which are smaller, boutique operations. The climate changes significantly across the state, from the cooler southern coast, perfect for producing sparkling wines and Pinot Noir, to the warmer northern regions, ideal for Shiraz and full-bodied reds. The state is divided into six wine regions; Mornington Peninsula, Yarra Valley, Geelong, Macedon Ranges, Rutherglen and the Grampians, each with its own distinctive personality and flavour profiles.

Victoria's wines are varied and elegant, mirroring the heterogeneity of the terrain itself. The wines from Mornington Peninsula are noted for their cool-climate elegance, expressed in high-quality Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Yarra Valley, Victoria’s oldest and most prestigious wine region, produces iconic Cabernet Sauvignon, whilst the Rutherglen area is famed for its world-class fortified wines.

Victoria’s rich history of wine making dates back to the 1800s, influenced by both European immigrants and pioneers of Australian wine production. To this day, many wineries maintain a strong connection with their heritage while pushing boundaries and experimenting with modern techniques.

Despite its relatively small size, Victoria’s ability to produce a broad range of wine styles is truly astonishing, offering something to suit every palate. From robust Shiraz to crisp Riesling, passionate Chardonnay to spirited sparkling wines, Victoria provides a wine journey like no other. Through its wide range of impressive offerings, Victoria epitomises Australia's diverse and distinct wine-making heritage. Undoubtedly, wines from Victoria represent Australia’s commitment to quality, character and terroir-driven authenticity.

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