Central Valley

Central Valley

Chile's Central Valley, also known as El Valle Central, is a predominant luminary in the landscape of South American winemaking. Spanning across a wide expanse that stretches south from Santiago to the Bio-Bio region, the winegrowing area is extraordinarily fertile and is considered as a treasure-trove of vinicultural excellence.

The Central Valley wine region is split into four main divisions, each with its distinct microclimate and topographical details, influencing the variety in tastes and flavours of the wine produced. These sub-regions include Maipo, Rapel, Curicó, and Maule Valley, the latter being the largest and most diverse of this quartet. Critically-acclaimed for its richly aromatic and full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Syrah, and Merlot, Central Valley has procured its place as a heavy-weight contender on the global wine platform.

Endowed with a Mediterranean topography, wrapped in an array of soil compositions from volcanic to clay loam, and tempered with the cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean and Andean slopes, the region yields conditions exceptionally apt for the vines to thrive. As it enjoys a remarkably stable macroclimate with minimal weather-related risks, grapes ripen consistently season after season. The region benefits from a notably long ripening season with hot days and cool nights, allowing grapes to mature gradually and develop complex flavours.

Central Valley winemakers work their craft with a meticulous passion and dedication, treading the exhilarating pathway between traditional and contemporary wine production techniques. The result is a fascinating, diverse selection of wines that are both dynamic in their aromatic complexity and majestic in their depth of flavour.

The richness and diversity of Chile's Central Valley isn't just rendering exquisite wines, it's also manifesting a reputation for sustainability and organic practices. A growing number of vineyards are poised towards biodynamic farming and ethical winemaking, making Central Valley not only a favourite amongst wine connoisseurs but also eco-conscious consumers. It's truly an embodiment of terroir excellence and environmental awareness.

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