Maule Valley

Maule Valley

The Maule Valley, located in the central part of Chile, is renowned for its sumptuous selection of wines. As Chile’s largest and one of its oldest wine regions, it is home to over 75,000 acres of vineyards. The region basks in a Mediterranean climate that proves ideal for viticulture. It provides a unique growing condition with its cool, rainy winters, hot, dry summers, and the coolness from the Pacific Ocean, creating a distinctive flavour and character to its wines.

The Maule Valley specialises in the production of red wines, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, Carménère, and Merlot, with the Malbec and Carignan varietals also showcasing a promising rise in recent years. These wines are acknowledged for their full-bodied and heavily fruity essence, with Cabernet Sauvignon demonstrating potent black fruit characters alongside bold tannins, whereas, the Carménère presents lush dark fruit profiles layered with earthy and spicy notes, offering a softer tantalising finish.

An advantage that sets the Maule Valley apart from its contemporaries is the prevalence of old vines, some of which are reported to be over a century old. These vines are largely dry-farmed, leading to more concentrated and intense flavours in the wines they produce. Today, many of the vineyards in Maule are transitioning towards organic and biodynamic practices, revealing a dedication to sustainability and quality.

The Maule Valley wine is a sterling representation of Chile’s prestigious status in the global wine community. As much as they are beautifully rich and palate-pleasing on their own, they also make stunning partners to a range of cuisine. Whether it’s a barbecued ribeye steak or a plate of medium-spiced vegetable jalfrezi, Maule Valley wines impressively cater to diverse gastronomic ventures, truly encapsulating the allure and versatility of Chilean wines.

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