Savoie wine is a unique and captivating category of French wine, produced in the alpine region of Savoie, nestled in the picturesque eastern corner of the country. With its snow-kissed peaks, lush valleys and crystal-clear lakes, Savoie provides an ideal and rather idyllic location for vine cultivation.

The wines of Savoie are not produced in great volumes, lending to their elusive charm. They exhibit a distinctive character, greatly influenced by the cool alpine climate and varied terrain from the mountain foothills to glacial valleys. The region is home to a significant assortment of grape varieties from the versatile Chasselas to the robust Mondeuse. However, it is the subtle and delicate white wines that particularly stand out.

The white Savoie wines feature the locally grown Jacquere grape, which grows best on the limestone-rich soils of the region. These wines are known for their pale hue, crisp acuity and hint of mineral taste accentuated by an underlying citrus note. On the other hand, the red and rosé wines composed of Gamay, Pinot Noir and Mondeuse grapes are deeply pigmented, offering a medley of fruit-forward flavours with an earthy edge.

Moreover, Savoie is particularly celebrated for its sparkling wines. Crémant de Savoie is a traditional method sparkling wine that displays a refined effervescence, sumptuous fruit flavours and a characteristically dry finish, making it an ideal accompaniment to the region's hearty, cheese-filled cuisine.

Overall, the wines of Savoie are truly a testament to the region's diverse landscape, unique soil and favourable climatic conditions. They symbolise a perfect balance of tradition and innovation, exhibiting a distinctive style that offers a refreshing departure from mainstream wine tastes. Savouring a glass of Savoie wine brings with it the crisp mountain air and authentic alpine essence of one of France's most beautiful, but often overlooked, wine regions.

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