Vin de France

Vin de France

Vin de France is an eminent national designation introduced in France in 2010. This wine category is an embodiment of the French winemakers' craft and expertise, providing an innovative alternative to traditional Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) and Appellation d'Origine Protégée (AOP) wines.

The title 'Vin de France' is an illustrious mark of quality and genuine French origin. It is not attributed to any particular region, rather it aims to represent the nation as a whole. This has allowed producers, with a certain degree of creativity, to blend wines from across different French regions which was not permissible under the old Vin de Table category.

Vin de France wines are greatly appreciated for their consistency and easy-to-understand labeling. Unlike other French wines, where the emphasis usually lies in the location, the makers of Vin de France wines get the freedom to put the variety of grape front and centre on the label. This is truly beneficial for the novice wine drinkers as they often choose wines based on the grape type. Integral to Vin de France's philosophy is championing the taste of individual grape varieties.

These wines are created with an aim to maintain high standards, yet remain approachable and adaptable. Whether it's a rich, complex red or a charming, crisp white, every bottle of Vin de France wine encapsulates the heart and soul of the French terroir. It spins a tale of tradition and innovation, combining the elements of France's rich viticulture history with cutting-edge winemaking practices.

In the contemporary beverage market, Vin de France wines have created their unique niche. They not only provide the passionate wine lovers with an avenue to explore the diverse world of French winemaking but also present an affordable choice for those who appreciate quality French wine without wanting to delve into the subtleties of individual regions. Thus, Vin de France wines truly stand for France in its entirety: elegant, diverse and full of charm.

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