Valpolicella wine hails from Italy's north-eastern region, Veneto, specifically the picturesque Valpolicella valley, which stretches from the east of Lake Garda to the western outskirts of Verona. The name "Valpolicella" derives from Latin and Greek terminology, meaning "valley of many cellars", a testament to the region's illustrious heritage in wine production.

The Valpolicella area is celebrated for producing a diverse variety of distinguished wines; however, the standout star among them undeniably is Valpolicella wine. This subtly complex and seductively tangy red is produced primarily from Corvina Veronese, Rondinella and Molinara grape types, creating a spectrum of styles from the light, cherry-scented Valpolicella Classico to the robust, concentrated Recioto and Amarone, both of which are crafted using a traditional 'appassimento' process of partially drying the grapes to intensify their inherent flavours.

Valpolicella wines are typified by their bright, invigorating profile with fragrant notes of sour cherry, spices, fresh herb undertones, and sometimes a touch of bitter almond on the finish. They possess an impressive balance of fruit acidity and tannin, resulting in a wine that is both elegantly structured and beautifully smooth.

The versatility of Valpolicella wine lends itself to a vast array of food pairings, with its lighter styles working charmingly with pasta dishes, whilst the full-bodied Amarone style has the power to stand up against hearty stews and robust cheeses.

Despite the rise of many wine-producing regions across the world, the Valpolicella region, with its richly diverse terroir, remains a vital cornerstone in Italy's wine industry. It continues to uphold its reputation by crafting Valpolicella wines that capture the essence of the region – wines that are sophisticated, full of character, and a true embodiment of Italian viticulture and winemaking tradition. This is why wine connoisseurs globally appreciate and savour Valpolicella wine.

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