Ansonica is an enchanting variety of grape, largely grown in the sunny vineyards of Italy. Primarily found clinging to the windswept hills of the Tuscan archipelago, and areas of Sicily, particularly in the western region of Marsala, Ansonica's distinctive character is shaped by its Mediterranean roots.

Synonymous to its other names, 'Inzolia' in Sicily and 'Anzonica' splayed across Italy, this grape is famed for its role in creating delectable and popular Italian white wines. Immersed in the Italian culture, Ansonica has been traditionally used in the production of Marsala, a fortified wine that lends its origin to Sicily.

Its appeal emanates from the harmonious balance it strikes between acidity and full-bodied texture. Ansonica exhibits an array of opulent flavours, predominantly pear, beams of citrus fruit coupled with a certain nutty nuance. The intoxicating scent of almonds and dried fruit often lingers on the nose. The unique taste, combined with a mellow acidity, sets Ansonica apart as a wine grape.

Ansonica vines thrive in the dry and sandy soils, putting forth a robust resistance against the scalding heat of the Mediterranean sun. They bear small, compact clusters of thin-skinned, amber-coloured grapes. These grapes reveal a predilection for producing wines with bright golden hues, often aged in barrels to foster richer undertones.

The burgeoning popularity of Ansonica wines is underscored by their versatility, often enjoyed as an aperitif or paired with a meal. Its profound yet mellow flavour profiles play well with a variety of dishes, particularly seafood owing to its geographic prominence.

Furthermore, the Ansonica grape exhibits substantial ageing potential. If matured properly, an Ansonica wine can develop an exquisite complexity that further unfolds its charm. Once an unsung hero, the Ansonica grape variety is indeed a testament to the rich and vibrant culture of Italian viticulture.

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