Arinarnoa is a rich and relatively young grape variety, having been cultivated only since the mid 20th century. It is a cross breed of Merlot and Petit Verdot, developed by a French grape breeder named Paul Truel in 1956. Arinarnoa grapes can be characterised by their deep, robust red colour.

Vineyards growing Arinarnoa grapes require a warm climate, which makes these grapes particularly susceptible to fungal diseases. Despite this, the vines produce a substantial yield. The strength of this grape’s natural tannin content and acidity enhances its ability to age well, with its flavour improving over time. Arinarnoa’s thick skin ensure a longer ripening period, leading to high sugar content, and subsequently, higher alcohol content.

Arinarnoa's flavour profile comprises dense, dark fruit notes, resembling the unique fruit-forward characteristic traits found in both its parent grapes. The wine obtained from Arinarnoa is powerful and tannic, with a concentrated dark red hue and is assiduously matured in oak to bring forth a pleasant, rounded flavour. It frequently shares the stage with other Bordeaux varieties, given its robust structure, full-bodied character, and sumptuous fruitiness.

Even so, Arinarnoa grapes are not grown widely. France, it's origin country, has had limited use for it. Contrarily, Uruguay has seen considerable success with this variety, with several producers choosing to grow it due to its superb adaptability to the local terroir.

Despite its obscurity, the Arinarnoa grape has soared in popularity among wine lovers who enjoy bold, intense wines. Its seductive layers of flavours which include blackcurrant, blackberry, and subtle spice, makes wines from this grape a sterling choice for red meat dishes, such as beef and venison. In the wine world's vast array, the Arinarnoa grape holds an offbeat yet remarkable position.

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