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Black grape variety, originating from Italy, the name refers to three distinct winemaking grapes. Bonarda found in Lombardy and Pavia is known as Bonarda dell'Oltrepò Pavese, and is actually of Croatian origin, the wines it makes are mildly tannic. Also Bonarda Novarese, used in DOC reds in the Novara and Vercelli hills. However this is actually Uva Rar and makes a lighter fruitier wine. Finally, Bonarda Piemontese, which is a largely abandoned variety, due to the onset of Phylloxera. Confusingly, the name Bonarda is also used for Argentina's second most widely planted variety, however some discrepancies exist as the Argentinean authorities maintain that Bonarda is actually the variety Charbono. It would seem therefore that further research is required in order to establish the exact identities.