Victoria South

Hi, I’m Victoria South and I’m passionate about wine!

My interest started out as a hobby about 20 years ago – I was always interested in food and cooking and indulged this pleasure by entertaining and trying to match up dishes with wines which I thought might pair well and complement each other. This lead me to become WSET [Wine and Spirit Education Trust] advanced certificated, which I took at Plumpton College, East Sussex.

Now vice chair person of the Eastbourne Wine Society and belonging to several other wine clubs in the county, I regularly present wines and attend numerous tastings and do in fact really enjoy hosting food and wine pairing lunches and dinners around the area.  Sadly with the advent of Covid 19, of course, those particular activities have had to cease.  However, we have now found a whole new and appreciative audience via the website/internet : aptly named  Zoom Tastings.  I still get to indulge my greatest pleasure in tasting and talking about wines and I know my ‘clients’ are having a great deal of fun themselves and learning at the same time.  Zoom Tastings can be tailored to suite your needs - to celebrate a birthday or any other occasion you would like to mark, and can also be used for team building exercises and corporate events. Whatever your individual requirements we have a Zoom Wine Tasting ready for you - just contact us to discuss. 

I have visited many wineries throughout Europe, and almost all my holidays in the past few years have been spent exploring the vineyards of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and the USA.   There is not a single wine style that I do not appreciate, but on a continuum, sparklers and dessert wines are my absolute favourites. In my spare time I am enjoying learning Italian.

Wine is such an infinitely variable and fascinating subject and you never stop or want to stop learning  and I do hope that this website enthuses you to discover more, and the best way to do that is by experimenting – the proof really is in the pudding, better yet in the glass!